Sunny’s Review of Lone Wolf (Shifters Unbound #4.6)

Lone Wolf Book Cover

ebook, 151 pages

Published April 16th 2013 by Penguin

Lone Wolf (Shifters Unbound 4.6) by Jennifer Ashley

Ellison’s story

Ellison Rowe, a Lupine Shifter, makes it his goal to protect Maria, once held captive by ferals, from male Shifters looking for mates. He likes Maria’s resilience and fire, but she’s been broken, and Ellison wants more than anything to heal her. When a new danger threatens Shiftertown’s cubs, Maria partners with Ellison to stop a cold-blooded criminal.

My Thoughts

This was my first visit to Ashley’s Shiftertown.  I wanted to explore the story through a novella.

The story ticked all of the shifter requirement boxes.  They live together in a self-ruling society living in a community.  There are a mixture of species and an alpha male in charge.  The changeup for these stories is the collar that the shifters are to wear to stop or slow down aggression.  The function however was completely ignored by every single one of the wearers. They all had neck sores from the results that were also ignored.  So I ask myself, why bother with the thing anyway.  It added nothing to the story.

I loved the hero Ellison Rowe.  He was gentle, and very nurturing of Maria and of her past history of rejection and sexual abuse.  He respected her intelligence and her frailties as a human.  All of the right characteristics she displayed turned him on.

Maria was stubborn, augmentative and feisty.  I understood her desire for freedom and for standing up for herself.  I understood her need to question things. In an alpha world this is often necessary but…  It went too far.  She argued about foolish things that put her into dangerous situations.  When this happens the reader doubts the intelligence of the heroine.

The story centres on a bad guy taking the children to become pets for rich people.  Maria was looking after a cub when a kidnapping happened.  Of course Maria and Ellison are part of the group that takes down bad guy and stops his pet business.

This was a pleasant read that wasn’t entirely predictable.  It just didn’t step up to the higher stones in the pond to make it a better than most book.



About the Author

Jennifer Ashley

NY Times Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley has lived and traveled all over the world, and now lives in the Southwest. She writes historical and paranormal romance and historical mysteries, as Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, and Ashley Gardner.

Jennifer’s novels have won RWA’s RITA and RT Reviewer’s Choice awards. (Bio from Goodreads)

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Twitter: jennallyson,

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