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☼ Sunny


Hello everyone,

Call me Sunny.

I first started reading Romance just ten short years ago. Like everything I do, it was new to me so I researched it. I began by reading the top 200 romance books of all times. The first 100 books came from an Internet review site and the next 100 came from a bookseller’s top list. Many titles overlapped so I knew they would be good.

This experience exposed me to all of the Romance Genres from Erotica to behind-the-door Classics. I still read all Genres and bounce around according to mood. My favourite genres, recently, are Time Travel, Regency, Western, Contemporary, and Erotica. I am over Vampires for now…well not BDB. I read almost exclusively New Release books. I also follow many series by favourite authors. Some of my Favourite authors are Maya Banks, Lisa Kleypas, Jill Shalvis, Lorelei James, Kristen Ashley, and Megan Hart.

I am Canadian so you may notice my spelling contains letters that you may not use. I have worked for many years in the Education field working with young children. I love to hear your thoughts, ideas and opinions.



Brent is our new guest contributor at Sun Mountain Reviews. He has a B.A. in History and Peace War and Defense from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has served as an educator for the last two years. His reading interests include non-fiction historical accounts, southern literature, and the occasional mystery novel.


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