Requests for Book Review

At this Time I am not taking Book Review Requests.  


I welcome the opportunity to provide honest and fair reviews of books for authors.  I strongly support independent authors who want to gain exposure regarding their release of their books and will be happy to consider their requests. The only book requests that I do not accept are those for novellas and anthologies.  If you would like your book to be reviewed by Sun Mountain Reviews, please email me at and provide the following information:

  • Name of Author
  • Book Title /Book genre (Romance, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense, etc.)
  • Summary of book
  • Date of book’s release
  • Length of Book
  • Format in which book will be sent
  • Any additional information

I can accept books in print or eBooks. I can accept digital copies of  books in mobi, epub, and PDFs.

Book Reviews are posted on Sun Mountain Reviews, Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, Tumblr, LibraryThing, Shelfari, and any other website venues the author may request. I also let readers know about the reviews using Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Once I read your book, I will email you with the date and link for the posted review.

Out of courtesy, if I rate the book lower than 2 suns, then I will contact you with feedback, and give you the option to decide if you would still like the review to be posted.  Even if I have issues with a book, I know that other readers use different criteria in forming their opinions about the book and may find it enjoyable. I strive to point out what I like in the book and what didn’t work for me.  I am a reader who is willing to take a chance on a book that others may not like because I am interested in the genre and subject because I know I may find something about the book that resonates with me.


I receive a great deal of blog related correspondence daily, so please be patient with me  in replying to your request. It may take a week or more before I can reply. 

Due to the number of requests I have received, if I decide to review your book, please allow four-to twelve weeks for the review to be posted. I will contact you via email when the review is posted.


When I decide to review a book, I may receive a copy of the book for review by the author, through my own purchases, or from the library. I do not receive any monetary compensation for the book reviews posted on Sun Mountain Reviews blog. However, no matter how I obtain a copy of a book that I review, it in no way influences my opinion and rating for the book.  I strive to write fair and honest reviews for both the readers and the authors. 

Thank you your interest in Sun Mountain Reviews!

One comment on “Requests for Book Review

  1. Hi, I would like to send you a review request, but I’m not sure if you’re accepting again, yet. Please could you let me know? My next book, A Convenient Marriage, a paranormal romance, is due for release on October 13th, and I would like a review posted on that day, if it is at all possible.

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