Book Review Rating Scale

Sun Mountain Reviews’ Book Rating Scale

Evaluation is always subjective and based on the reader’s expectations. I love to read and want to share my reviews with you so that you can be more informed about your decision to read a particular book. I understand how hard the writing process can be, and  I have respect for all authors who pursue their passion of writing. When writing my reviews, it is never my intention to be disrespectful to authors or what they have written. I can only outline my opinions for others to consider, and just because I may not be able to connect with a book, this certainly does not mean others won’t find it to be an enjoyable read.

Here is how I share the sunshine: 

Excellent “Wow” Read:  

I would highly recommend this book. It leaves me with a feeling of “Wow!” I just want to savor the reading experience, and I may feel bereft at the end because I want the story to continue.  The plot is fully-developed with a clear conflict, that reaches its climax, ample background information, and vivid description to show rather than just tell the story.  The main characters are multi-dimensionaland the protagonist’s character arc is clear and complete by the end of the book.  The author uses an appropriate and consistent point-of-view (POV) to tell the story, and clear transitions indicate movement from one scene to the next.  One or more thought-provoking themes emerge by the book’s conclusion.  Finally, the book has been edited and proofread. I may find myself re-reading this book.

top of the mountain copy40

Great Read:

This is a book I would highly recommend and has motivated me to read other works by the author. The book has a creative, well-developed plot, and the author uses effective description to move the story along. Central characters are well-rounded, and dynamic in their depiction, and story is narrated from a clear and consistent POV.  The book has been edited and proofread.  Reading the book was an enjoyable experience and I found myself highlighting many passages along the way.  (4.5 shining suns)

Revised Great Read

Good Read: 

This is definitely a good book that I would recommend to other readers. The  story line and plot structure are engaging and keep my interest throughout. Even if the book contains a “stock” plot, this may be compensated by variations on the theme, unexpected twists, and fresh, original writing style by the author. There may be minor flaws with any of the above criteria that are outlined specifically in the review.


Okay Read: 

This is a book that I enjoyed reading, and would tell others about it. I may find some aspects of the book (storyline, plot, characterization, POV, thematic significance) problematic, and these are explained in the review. Perhaps, there is a need for further editing/proofreading.

Sunny-icon revised 40Sunny-icon revised 40Sunny-icon revised 40  /  OkayRead2

Fair Read:

This is a book that I read, but by its conclusion, I was left wanting more. There are one or more significant flaws with the criteria for excellence defined above. Poor sentence structure and grammatical errors may hinder the reading process. However, this does not mean that others will not find the book enjoyable.

Sunny-icon revised 40Sunny-icon revised 40Fair Read

Unenjoyable  Read: 

I did finish the book but felt disappointed with the reading experience because I found serious flaws with the criteria for excellence already defined. Poor sentence structure and grammatical errors may be frequent throughout the book  causing confusion and frustration for me as a reader.

Sunny-icon revised 40

Unable to Finish Reading the Book: 

I  just could not immerse myself into the book to keep reading it. Most likely the story line, plot, or characterization hindered my reading experience. Because I did not finish the book, I cannot give it a rating. I can only explain, in my review, why I decided not to continue reading. However, just because this book did not work for me or meet my expectations, it does not mean that other readers will not find the book enjoyable.

thunder-icon 40


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