Musings about TESOL & A Look at Oxford Picture Dictionary (Monolingual English)

I am preparing to venture into the world of teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). This fall I have volunteered to teach and tutor ESL classes for students through two different local community organizations. I am excited about this prospect but also a bit apprehensive because, although I’ve taught English in the past to adult learners, teaching English to students from foreign countries requires an approach that differs from the methods I’ve used in the classroom.  As I embark upon this new journey, I’d like to periodically share with you my experiences and an assessment of the multitude of ESL learning resources for both teachers and learners.

After browsing through numerous reference books for students who are at a beginner’s level in learning to speak English, I’ve decided to use the Oxford Picture Dictionary (Monolingual English) 2nd edition as the primary medium for tutoring.

Oxford Picture Dictionary Book Cover

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