Book Blitz & Giveaway for Mystic (Seer Series #1)


Mystic (Seer Series #1) by S.G. Tillery

Mystic Seer cover

Publication Date: December 2013

Genres: YA, Fantasy

When a procession of knights returning from the Crusades passes through her village, the last thing 16 year old Anabel expects is that her father will sell her and her brother to one of the knights and his mysterious companion. Anabel is thrust into life at court and agrees to use her special gift to spy on the handsome new king in the weeks leading up to his coronation.

When Anabel’s visions of the future become more frequent and vivid, she learns that she and her brother are at the center of a dangerous plot — one that puts them both in danger and threatens to alter the course of her nation’s future.

As she is growing ever closer to King Fabian, all Anabel wants is for those she loves to be safe. But soon, the reality of her situation comes crashing down on her, and her life is altered once again. The power she is learning to harness is growing inside her and soon, everything she loves will be in danger.

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