Sunday Series Spotlight: Bagram Special Ops by Kaylea Cross

This Sunday,  I’m featuring one of my favorite military romance series by Kaylea Cross: Bragram Special Ops.

I have read and loved the first two books, and I wanted to showcase the series since the third installment, Lethal Pursuit, was released this week.  

Deadly Descent (Bagram Special Ops # 1)

Deadly Descent

Published September 5, 2011

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Devon Crawford is an officer; Air Force Pararescueman Cam Munro is enlisted. Dev flies medical evacuations; Cam jumps into danger zones to save lives. Dev wants to return home from Afghanistan with her heart untouched; Cam will do anything to win the woman he loves.

Reaching for happiness in a war zone is the last thing Captain Devon Crawford plans, but she can’t ignore the feelings she’s hidden for so long. Cam’s sexy charm and wicked kisses weaken her resistance, but she’s too afraid of losing him to give in. When Dev’s helicopter and crew are shot down and set up as bait by a notorious warlord, Cam risks all to save the team. What he doesn’t know is that the trap is set for him….

This is a great start to a series that focuses on a branch of the military that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves: pararescuemen.  Cam is a swoonworthy  hero and his loyalty and love for Dev is wonderful!  A suspenseful read! Source: Purchased from Amazon

Tactical Strike (Bagram Special Ops #2)

Tactical Strike

Published March 11, 2013

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Gunship pilot Captain Candace Bradford has worked long and hard to earn her rank and position within the male-dominated world of Air Force Special Operations. She’s not about to let anything or anyone jeopardize that, let alone one sinfully tempting man who seems determined to cause her nothing but trouble. Even if she’s starting to fall for him.

As an elite Combat Controller, Staff Sergeant Ryan Wentworth is used to overcoming adversity in order to complete a mission. Breaking through Candace’s prickly exterior and into her heart is a challenge he can’t let go. But just when he’s begun to gain her trust, they’re thrown together in the field facing an overwhelming enemy force. Candace and Ryan find themselves on the run, searching the skies for an emergency extraction. But one dangerous enemy has an agenda in mind and he’ll use whatever means necessary to achieve it, including using American forces to do his dirty work…..

This book picks up where Deadly Descent ends, and the sexual tension between Candace and Ryan sparks from the moment they first meet, even though Candace has zero interest in any type of relationship with Ryan. I loved watching their relationship evolve into a scorching hot romance that is smoothly integrated into the larger ongoing plot that started with the first book. Ryan is both swoon and drool worthy in the romantic hero category! Although I suppose you can read each book as a stand alone, I highly recommend starting at the beginning so you can fully appreciate the storyline and get to know the main characters much better.  An excellent read!

Source; Purchased from Amazon

Lethal Pursuit (Bagram Special Ops #3)

Lethal Pursuit

Published September  16, 2013

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Security Forces Lieutenant Maya Lopez is right at home in a war zone: she’s been fighting all her life. A hard-won commission in the air force has brought her to Afghanistan, and if she plays her cards right, she could end up with an FBI job. It won’t be easy, but that just makes her more determined.

Jackson Thatcher is a protector in all senses of the word. A pararescue jumper with Southern-boy charm, he easily captures Maya’s interest, but her trust is another story. He’s sexy, strong and caring, but she makes it clear she’s no damsel in distress. She’s never relied on any man, and she’s not about to start now. When Maya and Jackson become pawns in a radical warlord’s deadly game, they find themselves on the run and must depend on each other if they want to make it out alive.

I was so excited about this book, I puchased my copy on its release day, even though I know it will be awhile until I have a chance to read it. That’s okay. I’m content for now to just know I have my copy waiting close by, ready  to be devoured! Based on the quality of the romance, action, and suspense within the first two books, I have a feeling Lethal Pursuit will be an enthralling read!

If you like military romantic suspense and haven’t read Kaylea Cross’s work yet, I high recommend the series. I’ve read most of her books, and she is one of the best writers in this genre!  Her knowledge of military tactics, attention to details, and her ability to create  smexy heroes and heroines make her one of my favorite authors!