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Beg Me To Slay by Lisa Kessler

Beg Me to Slay Book Cover

Release Date: December 30, 2013

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Entangled Covet

Book Description halfsize

He’ll slay her demons, but it may cost her heart…

Four years ago Tegan Ashton was attacked. Determined never to be a victim again, she devotes her life to martial arts and self-defense. When her assailant returns to finish what he started, only one person can help her.

Gabe is a private investigator by day and demon slayer by night. After losing loved ones, he vows to defend people from a threat they don’t realize exists.

The relationship is supposed to be strictly business, but fighting demons together stirs up emotions they never expected. Turns out demon fighting is a breeze compared to facing their scarred pasts and even worse – hearts.

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Book Tour: Review & Giveaway for Waking Up Dead (End of Days Love #1)

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Waking Up Dead (End of Days Love #1) by Emma Shortt

Waking Up Dead Book CoverGenre: Horror romance

Publisher: Entangled Select

Date of Publication: 22 October 2013

 ISBN: 9781622660353 / ASIN: B00BMKRLXG

Number of pages: 372  Word Count: 104,000

Cover Artist: TK Designs

Amazon: Waking Up Dead (End of Days Love) / BN

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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Hell’s Belle

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Hell’s Belle by Karen Greco

Hell's Belle Book COver

Genre: Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 1484830202


Number of pages: 238

Word Count: 74,722

Cover design by Robin Ludwig Design Inc.

Book Description halfsize

Half-vampire, half-human, Nina Martinez spent most of her life underground as part of an elite secret team of government agents who quietly take down rogue monsters — the human world none the wiser.

She moves back to her hometown of Providence, RI to keep an eye on the recent uptick in supernatural activity, and to help run the bar she co-owns with her aunt. Her attempt at a “regular” life, not to mention a budding relationship with smoking hot FBI agent Max, is cut short because of a string of ritual murders targeting the city’s community of witches.

But Nina’s investigation unearths deadly secrets from her long buried parents. Now the target of supernatural assassins, could Nina be the most dangerous vampire hybrid to ever exist? No wonder she can’t get a date.

An urban fantasy set in a decaying Providence, Rhode Island, HELL’S BELLE is a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled roller-coaster ride through a city on the cusp of becoming an urban wasteland. An energetic, expansive, and cinematic, HELL’S BELLE was called “captivating” by Kirkus Reviews.

Book Chick City gave it 5-stars, calling it “one of the best urban fantasies I have read this year!”

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Book Tour for Miranda’s Mate (The Company Store # 1)

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Miranda’s Mate (The Company Store # 1) by Ann Gimpel

Miranda's Mate Book Cover

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

ISBN: 978-1-62210-021-7

Release Date: 8/5/13

50,000 words

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Work for The Company is nothing if not covert. Miranda’s life is on the line. Will Garen risk exposure to save her?

Book Description halfsize

As an agent for an international security firm, Miranda has her hands full. Between secretly lusting after her boss, Garen, and making sure the dirty little secret about her double life as a wolf shifter remains hidden, she’s still a virgin at nearly thirty.

Sent to eliminate the head of a human trafficking organization in Amsterdam, she barely escapes with her life. Injured, frightened, and under attack the second her private jet lands in the U.S., she doesn’t know where to turn.

Garen’s been watching Miranda just as surreptitiously as she’s been eying him. Unfortunately, the fact that she works for him is a showstopper. Plus, Garen has a few secrets of his own that have kept him single. He’s frantic once he discovers his oldest friend is besotted with Miranda, too. When she insists on heading up a covert operation, he’s worried sick, but can’t come up with a plausible reason to stop her.

Miranda’s life is on the line. Will Garen risk exposure to save her?

About the Author 50 percent

Ann GimpelAnn Gimpel is a clinical psychologist, with a Jungian bent.  Avocations include mountaineering, skiing, wilderness photography and, of course, writing.  A lifelong aficionado of the unusual, she began writing speculative fiction a few years ago. Since then her short fiction has appeared in a number of webzines and anthologies. Several paranormal romance novellas are available in e-format. Three novels, Psyche’s Prophecy, Psyche’s Search, and Psyche’s Promise are small press publications available in e-format and paperback. Look for two more urban fantasy novels coming this summer and fall: Fortune’s Scion and Earth’s Requiem.

A husband, grown children, grandchildren and three wolf hybrids round out her family.

Author Links

@AnnGimpel (for Twitter)

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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Wail of the Banshees

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Wail of the Banshees (Ghost Wars Saga Book One) by Robert Poulin

Book Cover

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Publisher: Ghost Watch Publishing

Date of Publication: June 19, 2013

Number of pages: 350 print

Word Count: 100, 471

Cover Artist: Hannah Carr

Short Description

A murdered college student must help the Philadelphia Police Department track down the serial killer responsible for her death and then lead an improbable rebellion against the powers that be in the ghost realm of Limbo.

Extended Book Description

My name is Veronika Kane and dying, dying was just the beginning. 

How was I supposed to know that getting smashed on my 21st birthday would lead me to becoming the 9th victim of a serial killer that’s been stalking Philadelphia’s streets for months? Now I’m a ghost and unlife is pretty scary. Reapers, wraiths, ghouls, gargoyles: all of the monsters that I thought were storybook characters are real! On top of it all, the powers that be in the ghost world want to enslave me and use me in their own diabolical plot to manipulate the people of the living world. Too bad I didn’t turn out to be the kind of ghost they wanted me to be, and I’m not about to let them turn me into one of their puppets. These ghosts are responsible for my murder and the murders of eight other women. 

A rebellion is coming, and the ghosts that run this place are about to find out just how big a mistake they made when they had me killed.

My name is Veronika Kane and being murdered isn’t the end of my story.

Wail of the Banshees is an Urban Fantasy Novel and the first book in the exciting Ghost Wars saga which features paranormal horror and action set in living Philadelphia and the ghostly world of Limbo.


Read an Excerpt

Getting your throat slit in a dark alley really sucks.

Even worse than that is having to watch your blood spill onto the garbage strewn pavement of that dark alley and being powerless to do anything about it.

I stood above my crumpled form watching in sick fascination as a dark pool of blood gathered around me. It really is amazing how much blood there is in a human body; you really can’t imagine it until you’ve seen it.

I was rooted to this spot from the first instant following the brutal attack. I was forced to watch as I died at my own feet. I wanted to cry out for help but my throat refused to produce any sound,

and I couldn’t seem to move my new spirit body. It was after three in the morning and the shadowed streets of West Philadelphia were quiet; no one came to help as I watched myself gasp for the last time.

I waited for the white light, for my spirit to rise up into the celestial city of the Almighty. When this didn’t happen, I braced myself for the impending descent into the fiery pits of hell. Still nothing happened.

A half hour passed before I saw the flashing lights of a slowly moving patrol car. An officer was moving along the sidewalk peering into the dark alleyways of the street while his partner trailed in their squad car. After a few more minutes of search- ing, a beam of light swept over my still body. The young cop let out a cry of discovery and ran forward drawing his pistol while calling out to his partner. Philadelphia’s finest had found me; unfortunately they were too late.

My name is Veronika Kane and I guess I’m a ghost now. Today, or I should say yesterday, was my twenty first birthday.

I’d gone out with some of my friends from the University of Pennsylvania to celebrate my now legal drinking age. We’d par- tied late into the night, getting smashed and having fun doing it. As the night wore on, friends left and new ones arrived, but in the end I was the last to say goodnight to my favorite club: The Electric Factory in Center City. I rode the bus back to West City where my apartment was located, but rather than transfer to a second bus I decided to walk the remaining seven or eight blocks to my home. The fall evening was comfortably cool and I wanted to sober up a little before bed. This was only my second time getting drunk, and I wasn’t used to the dizzying feeling that came with it. My ears were buzzing like the crackling speakers before Motley Crew took the stage, and the earth wouldn’t stop moving even when I paused to catch my breath.

The attack came suddenly, without warning. I was grabbed from behind by powerful arms. One quickly wrapped around my neck while the other pinned my arms to my sides. The man was tall. I’m five-nine but he towered at least six to eight inches over me. He picked me up off the ground and whispered in my ear.

“Shhhh … be a good girl and be still,” his voice was gruff and he stank of onions and rotten meat.

Fear washed over me like a bucket of cold water being dumped over my head. My stomach lurched and sudden nausea threatened to make me puke. I tried to struggle, but the intense

fear that wracked my gut and the sickening vertigo that was overwhelming my senses conspired to make the attempt at resistance futile. I fought against the rising panic that threat- ened to engulf me and tried to calm myself through meditation exercises. It was the most difficult thing I’d ever done, but the years of grueling training in my dad’s dojo kicked in and I was able to calm myself enough to think past the terror that made it near impossible for me to breath without hyperventilating.

The man slung me over his shoulder and I promptly barfed all over his back. He growled in anger and disgust but didn’t flinch or put me down to clean himself off. He just started walking. He carried me several blocks until he turned into the dank alley that I now found myself in. Throwing up had made me feel a little better. The world wasn’t spinning anymore, but I still felt weak and sick. Once we reached the back of the narrow alley, he swung me back around to his front but didn’t put me down. Instead he maintained a tight hold on me with one powerful arm. I heard him fumbling around for something in his coat, and I instinctively knew that I had to get away now. This was probably the only chance I’d get; I slumped against him as if I’d fainted. Fear and hope warred over me and threatened to make me puke again as the man loosened his grip on me and began lowering me to the ground. As soon as my feet hit the dirt and garbage strewn pavement I shot my right elbow back and connected with his ribs. He let go of me in surprise, and I launched myself forward, running for the street. But I was still intoxicated, and he was quicker than me. He cried out in rage and caught me from behind before I could escape. I whirled around and tried to push him back with a front kick but he sidestepped my clumsy move, and I stumbled past him and fell into a pile of garbage. Desperation overwhelmed the hope that had filled me just a few moments ago. I scrambled ungracefully back to my feet and started run- ning. Laughter chased me and all hope died when I realized I was going the wrong way. The back of the alley was blocked off.

My attacker didn’t bother trying to catch me this time though. He simply came up behind me as I desperately searched for another escape route: perhaps a basement window that I could crawl into. He reached around me and slit my throat with the long knife that he’d drawn from a concealed sheath. I watched, stunned, as my body fell forward. My spirit though remained erect, rooted to the spot.

I got my first glimpse of my attacker’s features as he stared down at me with wide and unblinking eyes. He was a giant of a man, standing almost six foot five and muscled like a body- builder. He was quite handsome with long, chestnut brown hair that was bound in a ponytail. His nose was long and narrow, while his cheeks were dimpled. He had a sharp chin and full lips; straight white teeth gleamed in the darkness as he smiled down at my crumpled form. His eyes were midnight black and seemed to hold a madness that was all consuming. He licked the blood coated knife that he’d slit my throat with and shook his head at me.

“That’s what you get bitch,” he said. “I could have taught you so much. You would have screamed so prettily, and you would have learned so much. But you had to ruin it all by trying to escape. I couldn’t let that happen. There’s still too much work to do, so many pretty things to teach how to scream. I can’t serve the Dark Master if I get caught. It’s such a waste, I know, but I just couldn’t take the risk with you.”

He removed a thin brush from an inner pocket of the jeans jacket he wore and dipped it in the expanding pool of blood at his feet. He then used the brush to write words upon the wall of a nearby building. I stared at the writing in surprise; it ap- peared to be in Akkadian, one of the later cuneiforms. Ancient languages were a particular interest of mine: Akkadian culture had figured prominently in several of my projects at Penn. I didn’t know what the words said though. I wouldn’t be able to decipher them without a few books that were in my apartment. As you might imagine, dead languages take a very long time to

master. I couldn’t begin to imagine how this guy could write this language, let alone understand it.

Satisfied with his handiwork, the killer surprised me once more by looking directly at me: the ghost me, as if he could see me. He grinned and then walked out of the alley leaving me alone to die.


About the Author

Robert PoulinRobert Poulin was born and raised in the New England state of Connecticut. After spending his late teenage years in Boca Raton Florida, Robert moved to upstate New York where he lived with his uncle Wilbrod Poulin and attended the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.

After earning a Bachelor’s in Political Science and a Master’s in Teaching, Robert went back to Florida where he taught Social Studies for a few years. After returning to Northern New York, Robert took a job with the North Country Center for Independence: a disability rights and advocacy organizations.

Robert has worked for NCCI for thirteen years and is now the Executive Director.

Wail of the Banshees is Robert’s first novel; he has been a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction since second grade when he discovered The Hobbit. Urban fantasy in particular has become Robert’s favored genre in the past decade.

Robert has been legally blind since infancy, but thanks to a mom that encouraged independence, hard work, and a healthy dose of dreaming, the disability has mostly just been an inconvenience. Robert is currently in the editorial process with his second novel, Death Toll, and is writing Echoes of Madness the third novel in the Veronika Kane saga.

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mobi: ISBN: 0989446905

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Review of The Necromancer’s Seduction

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The Necromancer’s Seduction (The Necromancer Series, Book One)  by Mimi Sebastian

Book cover

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: ImaJinn Books

 Cover Artist: Patricia Lazarus

Book Description

She has never feared the walking dead. It’s the power required to reanimate the dead that startles her, seduces her. The power that dwells inside her…and is growing.

For Professor Ruby Montagne, being a necromancer has brought her nothing but heartache, and she walked away from that part of her life long ago. However, her quiet existence in San Francisco is shattered when she stumbles upon the body of a slain witch, and the supernatural community insists she transform him into a revenant to track the killer. But his murder was just the beginning, and Ruby soon realizes that the stakes are higher than anyone can imagine—and that revenants have nasty minds of their own.

Now demonic creatures have escaped into the human world, and zombies once again walk the streets. For humanity’s sake, Ruby forms an unlikely alliance with a witch, a zombie, and Ewan March, a demon warrior who sets her senses on fire.

She’s always distrusted demons and Ewan is no exception, but circumstances push them closer together, and Ruby not only finds it harder to resist him, she isn’t sure she even wants to. But she suspects his job of patrolling the portal separating humans and demons conceals a dark and deadly past that may consume them both.

With events spiraling out of control, Ruby unravels a plot that not only threatens the human and demon realms, but puts Ruby’s very soul in jeopardy. Because when the dead walk, no one is safe. Especially Ruby.

Watch the Book Trailer

Book Review

I’m a huge fan of the paranormal genre, yet this is the first book I have read that focuses on the magic of necromancy.  Ruby is a well-known necromancer among her supernatural community. Since both her grandmother and mother were also necromancers, Ruby knows about her powers and has grown up among other supernatural entities secretly living among humans: witches, demons, vampires, and werewolves. Necromancers are a rarity in this world and differ from other paranormals because they have never been fully accepted by other supernaturals or “supes,” who also fear their unnatural powers.

When the story opens, we learn that Ruby refuses to embrace her magical gifts and keeps her distance from other “supes.” As a college professor, she lives as ordinary a life as possible. However, after the death of her grandmother, Cora, leaders of the supernatural community solicit Ruby’s help in finding out who is responsible for the recent murders of other paranormal members within their community.

Ruby not only has moral objections about the repercussions of raising the dead, she has also experienced some trauma and pain in seeing how necromancy affected her mother. The mystery behind her mother’s death isn’t revealed until later in the book, but it certainly justifies her unwillingness to put her abilities to use. Ruby has the potential to be a danger to everyone around her if her powers are abused, and we see examples throughout the story of the damage she can wield when she becomes a pawn used by others in their quest for power.

 photo necromancerpower_zps9b30ee93.gif

Initially, Ruby stubbornly refuses the Supernatural Coven’s request to raise Adam, a witch who has just been murdered and bring him back to life as a supernatural revenant so that he can provide information about the killer. Revenants differ from typical zombies because their souls, intelligence, and supernatural strength remain intact when they are raised from the dead.  They can blend in with humans and are much more difficult to control.  Only a powerful necromancer can bring them back to life.  Although Ruby has had little practice in using her magic, she finally agrees to perform the blood ritual on Adam after learning her grandmother may have been targeted for assassination as well.

 photo cometodarksidemovinghands_zps79b51e44.gif

At first I had hard time accepting Ruby’s name. Ruby just didn’t seem like an appropriate name for a necromancer. The gemstone ruby is shiny and vibrant, but necromancers work in a realm of darkness and death.  Yet, after further reflection, I realized that the name Ruby is symbolic of a necromancer’s power. Rubies are red, the color of blood, and it is Ruby’s blood that has the power to raise the dead.  Sebastain does a good job of describing the actual ritual of raising the dead and the feeling of ecstasy that Ruby gets when she “plugs into” that power source.

As the plot develops in the ongoing search for a killer, a burgeoning relationship forms between Ruby and a very handsome demon named Ewen who is given orders by the Coven’s demon leader, Malthus, to protect her.

 photo hotcomeonlook_zpsc3a76a25.gif
Ruby has done her best to stay away from Ewen in the past because of her intense attraction to him and her refusal to be a part of his world. And after all, he is a demon.

The entire story is told from Ruby’s point-of-view which limits readers’ knowledge and understanding of the overall situation.  Yet, I was able to form an emotional connection with Ruby and could relate to her worried and frazzled state through much of the book. Her dry humor in the midst of danger kept me engaged and provided a bit of relief from the tension raised in the story.

On the other hand, there were instances later in the book, where I felt Ruby’s thoughts and actions were incongruent with the way she was earlier portrayed. In the beginning, Ruby seems to be a calm, rational, polished professional who proceeds with caution. Yet, her later thoughts and actions show a woman in emotional disarray whenever she’s in Ewen’s presence, and, as complications develop, her reactions are based more on emotion and impulse rather than logic. Even her language becomes crasser as the conflicts intensify.  However, if I were forced to raise the dead, control multiple “super zombies,” search for my grandmother’s murderer, and resist the advances of a tempting demon then I’d probably react in an even worse way.

 photo runawaysobbing_zpsf21d69a2.gif

Hopefully, I’ll never find out.

Ruby’s resistance to learning about her past and her abilities now put her at a disadvantage and force her to wing it much of the time.

 photo dontneedthis_zps0471c708.gif

She is still learning about her powers and doesn’t have full knowledge of her capabilities. Her pride also jeopardizes her safety because she won’t admit that at times she doesn’t know what she’s doing and, even more importantly, she doesn’t always have complete control over her revenants. At times she puts herself and other humans in danger of being attacked.

The book’s title implies a romantic seduction, and Ewen is determined to be the one to seduce both Ruby’s mind and body. He is strong, passionate, and possessive. However, unlike other typical alpha male characters, he doesn’t force his protective nature on Ruby; instead, he gives her space to make her own decisions.  At this point in the overall story, they primarily have a physical relationship without the emotional depth needed to have a long-lasting relationship. Ewen’s deception and demon honor also keep them apart when the truth about Ruby’s real identity and powers are revealed.

However, romance isn’t the only type of seduction in the book. Ruby is also conflicted over her increasing desire to use her abilities. The more she uses her magic, the more of a temptation it becomes, and the infusion of power she experiences when she performs rituals only heightens this form of seduction.

 photo onlyknewpowerofdarkside_zpsee934e59.gif

I like the dual meaning behind the title.

The supporting paranormal characters are powerful in their own right and it isn’t always clear to Ruby or readers what their motivations are and whether they are allies who can be trusted. Even though they behave in a civilized manner, it remains clear that each has a monster lurking just below the surface ready to emerge when necessary.  For the first time, I actually found a zombie character likeable, but, then again, Adam is also a zombie with a conscience. He is the voice of truth and reason that Ruby needs when she questions her actions.

The story’s plot is well-executed and provides a nice blend of mystery and suspenseful action that kept me absorbed, especially in the second half of the book when truths are revealed and characters become expendable.   The story left me with a comfortable reprieve until the second book is released and I look forward to seeing what’s next in this new paranormal series.

 photo moretocome_zps8b426d66.gif

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



Enjoy an Excerpt

The last student dropped his blue book on my desk. Relieved, I shoved the article and books in my backpack. I needed to grab some papers before going home to get some much needed sleep, hopefully. As I exited my office, the heavy door slipped from my fingers and slammed shut, sending a resounding echo down the hall.

Then silence.

I’ve never liked empty buildings at night, too much empty space, too much silence.

The hallway was darker than usual. Looking up, I noticed some burned out lights. I walked faster, chased by the echo of my own footsteps in the hallway. As if playing on my fear, I swore another set of footsteps joined mine.

A scraping. A soft rubbing noise.

Dread crawled up my spine, grasping each vertebra with its talons. I rushed towards the elevator, still a good thirty feet away, driven by the unsettling sensation that something was bearing down on my back.

My breath strangled my throat at the now very real footsteps keeping pace with mine. I glanced over my shoulder into the fluttering shadows. A figure approached. Shit. I was pretty sure it wasn’t a janitor.

He snarled. Nope, definitely not a janitor.

I ran.

I sprinted for the stairs, not wanting to waste precious seconds waiting for the elevator. I swung open the door to the stairs and braved a quick look at my pursuer, now close enough for me to see the sick pallor of death on his face, that mix of puke-green, yellow and gray that not even the best makeup artist can camouflage. Or imitate.


But slow and laborious not. Real zombies moved fast, spurred on by some undead hysteria, and this bastard was faster.

I jumped down the stairs, taking three or four steps at a time. The zombie took five. My heel caught on one of the steps, and I landed on my knee with a loud crunch. I scrabbled on the floor, gritting my teeth against the ice pick spearing my knee down through the marrow of my leg. I stumbled and used my hands to propel me up and forward.

The zombie was so close I could smell its foul odor, more retching than one hundred rats decomposing in a dark basement. Too close. His hand clamped onto my arm, feeling like a cold noodle. Yuk.

Using the handrail as leverage, I spun, throwing the zombie off balance but inadvertently jerking him closer to me, close enough to see his oozing red-rimmed eyes. He hadn’t been dead long. His flesh was intact. He grinned at me, revealing black teeth, then squeezed one of my fingers down to the bone. I winced.

He garbled, the sound made when gargling water in the throat, then emitted a starved rasp, the hunger of the undead. Never satisfied. Always voracious.

Adrenaline spiked my limbs. I spotted a fire extinguisher on the wall and reached out with my whole body, using my fear as a medieval stretching rack until my joints popped. My fingers tickled the fire extinguisher until I managed to wrap my hand around the metal spout on the top and wacked the zombie across its head, causing it to tumble back down the stairs. I dropped the extinguisher in disgust, noting the bits of bloody flesh stuck to the bottom. I ran out the door and down the hall to the stairs on the opposite side of the building, the zombie’s furious clomps behind me.

About the Author

Mimi SebastianNoemi Ghirghi writes as Mimi Sebastian and raised herself on books and the strange and unusual with an unhealthy dose of comics and Scooby Doo. Loving angst-filled romance thrown in the mix, she decided to blend all those elements in a steamy mix in her first Urban Fantasy series, the Necromancer Books. The first book, The Necromancer’s Seduction, debuts July 15, 2013, with ImaJinn Books.

Noemi spent two years in the Ivory Coast with the Peace Corps and loves to introduce tid-bits from her experiences in her writing. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter of RWA. A transplant from the beaches of Florida, Noemi now wanders the desert in Phoenix, AZ, and attempts to balance writing with a day career, fantastic family, and household diva: her Amazon parrot.

Author Links

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