Request For Book Spotlights


I support Indie authors


If you are an author and would like the opportunity to promote your book in lieu of a book review Sun Mountain Reviews welcomes you to consider the following options:

  • Cover Reveal for an upcoming release along with an excerpt from the book
  • Book Spotlight with excerpt from book
  • Author or Character Interviews
  • Guests posts to discuss your book or any other topic that might interest readers
  • Include a musical playlists to accompany the book or links to related websites
  • Offer  a giveaway in conjunction with your book’s promotion

I also include promo postings on  Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr,  and Pinterest,

Note: Book Spotlights are one way I can help authors connect with readers, and the promotions should be viewed for informational purposes only, since I cannot recommend books that I haven’t  read.

If you are interested in a Spotlight Post , please fill out the contact form below.

A standard book spotlight post includes

  • book cover
  • book title, series name, and author
  • book description (provided by the author or taken from Goodreads or Amazon)
  • excerpt from the book if provided by the author
  • author bio
  • purchase link to Amazon
  • additional material provided by the author (guest posts, interviews, giveaway prizes, suggested playlist for the book, etc.)

Once I have received all of the promotional materials, I will set a date for the release of the spotlight and send you the link for the post.




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