Bibliophile’s Kryptonite

I’ve debated on adding this tab for a while.  Daily, I try to find time to search for free books to read. If you love books as much as I do, you know this feeling. There is nothing like finding a great read, especially if it’s FREE!

Free Books are my Kryptonite


When I find a freebie that I’ve enjoyed reading or that looks promising, I just want to tell everyone I know about the book, especially those loyally following Sun Mountain Reviews.

On the other hand, if you, too, search for freebies, you know that they may be free for months, days, or even just an hour.  Therefore, my reluctance to post announcements of freebies stems from the fact that I can’t guarantee how long these will last.  Because I am busy reading and reviewing, I know that I cannot promise that when you click on a book link, it will still be free.

So the outcome of this debate is that I’m going to move forward and share a list of free books I find and categorize them:

  • Freebies that I’ve already read and think others may enjoy
  • Must reads for me
  • Freebies I’ve chosen to download because they appear promising based on the book’s description

caution sign

If you decide to check out a free book from this list, please, please double-check that the book is still free. I sometimes get “clicker happy” and end up buying a book that is no longer free, and I get frustrated with myself. Plus, the last thing I want is for you to become frustrated with me since you have done the same thing, based on what I’ve posted.

With all this said, browse and click at your own risk.


If you discover a book is no longer free, please leave a comment letting us know that I need to remove the book from the list. Also, add to the list by recommending freebies you find as well.


Just click on the book covers to access the freebies

Free Books on Amazon I’ve Read and Recommend

(I really enjoyed Pelican Cove -I bought this book and now it’s free!)

Fatal Affair

(This entire paranormal series is free, and I intend to read the entire series when I get the chance)

Dark Wolf Rising

(Really enjoyed this book although it isn’t the first in the series; I do plan to continue the series)


Hidden Fire

Shadow Stalkers

My Familiar Stranger

(This is the first book in the Order of the Swan Series; love this series and book 3 The Summoner’s Tale  is free -see Must Reads for Me) See Book Promo Post

Click to see my post for this series: I’ve read this entire series


See my review for Fate  

zombie origins


Must Reads for Me

Seals Seduction

(I’m surprised the book has been free for this long)


(I have read other books by this author and think it will be a good read as well)


Free Books on Amazon that Look Promising

Looking for You



Updated, June 24, 2013


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