I’ve Fallen Off the Wagon: 17 Day Diet Here I Come…Again

Earlier this year, I reviewed Dr. Mike Moreno’s book, The 17 Day Diet  (2011 edition)  that I used to help me lose weight back in 2012. I was very satisfied with the weight-loss program advocated in the book, and I lost a total of 51 lbs picI  was so proud of myself! I felt great both mentally and physically. I’m also vain enough to admit, I went out and bought lots of new smaller-sized clothes. photo firework_zpseyapxs0d.gif

Now as  2014 draws to an end, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I have fallen off the proverbial wagon, the  one that calls out to us,

“Come aboard and have some baked chicken and steamed broccoli. Or even better, eat that broccoli raw, yum yum.  Your body will thank you.”

And from my own experience I know my body will appreciate all the healthy nutrients I’m giving it, even though I’d rather be eating fried chicken, creamy mashed potatoes, and cheesy mac-and-cheese.  Living here in Texas, I ‘m constantly tempted by “Texas Cookin'” – Guy Clark’s song says it all:

Somehow this year, somewhere along the way, I fell off that wagon…okay I probably jumped off…to be more accurate and decided to board the

Gravy Train

“gravy train” – the chicken fried steak and gravy train to be more exact – actually  the “fried” anything train. The temptation to eat fattening food is everywhere. Texans are willing to try deep frying almost anything: fried beer, fried peaches and cream, even fried Snickers bars. If you don’t believe me, then just come on down to our annual state fair where you can try some of these unusual concoctions. Check out the 15 Craziest Fried Foods at the Texas State Fair to see what I mean

Normally, I attend the fair, walking from vendor to vendor, sampling the fried goodies, but not this year. My expanded waist line has put a halt to this year’s tradition. It’s very disappointing that I now have to dig into the back of my closet and pull out my plus-sized clothes again.

you have chosen poorly

I’m mad at myself again for not remaining diligent about maintaining the healthy eating habits I’d acquired from Moreno’s book. If you read my earlier review of The 17 Day Diet, you may recall that “anger” is a great motivator for me, giving me that extra push I need to make personal changes in my life.  And no, no one’s asked me if  I’m pregnant. Last time that was the verbal slap I needed to lose the weight.

Well, now I’ve returned to Moreno’s weight loss program, and this time I’m using the strategies from his revised/updated version of the book which is called The 17 Day Diet: Breakthrough Edition:

Book Cover for 17 Day Breakthrough Diet

Published December 31, 2013

Available from Amazon:  The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition

Instead of reviewing the entire book at one time, though, I’m going to review it in sections as I follow the recommended regimen. While this newer version is still very similar to older book and most of the content is the same, there are some changes and what I consider to be improvements that I’ll comment on in future mini reviews/progress updates.

My family has suggested that I postpone the diet until January 2015. They tell me, wait and get through the holidays, so I won’t miss out on all the good food we’ll be having. Well…that’s part of the reason for my setback. I enjoyed those rich tasty holiday dinners and desserts a little too much. It’s all in the mindset, right? I’ve gathered up my willpower and am determined to go forward.  I can do this!  

I’m on week 1 now and I keep re-reading page 14 of the book over and over where Moreno tells readers:

“The 17 Day Diet thus gives your body the perfect jump start, the kind of quick drop in weight that gives you a powerful mental boost….The button on your jeans will no longer pop out and ping off the wall. You’ll no longer have to wear plus-sized clothing with expandable waistlines. This diet will make you slim, healthy, and curvy, and I won’t make you chomp on celery sticks or follow some hardcore exercise regimen used by the Navy SEALS.”

Yes, I want this and it sounds great! However, Moreno also cautions:

“…you do have to accept that this won’t be a pleasure diet. You’ve got to stop eating unhealthy crap. YOu’ve got to eat vegetables, fruit, and lean meat. I’m not going to ask you to probe your inner eater and uncover emotional reasons that you’re fat. I am going to ask you to keep your portions down, cut your intake of fatty, sugary, salty foods, and move your butt.”

Sounds reasonable to me. However, this week I’m going through carb withdrawal. As with the first time I went through the accelerate cycle, it will take some adjustments but I keep telling myself, “It’s only 17 Days…it’s only 17 days.” My hope is that by the end of this time frame, I will have lost some weight which will motivate me to stick with this program.

As I stated in the earlier review I wrote about this program, it isn’t for everyone. However, the principles for healthy eating described in this book are applicable to everyone.

I do not want to be a yo-yo dieter, and the 17 Day Diet book doesn’t help you drop the weight fast and then leave you to your own devices to maintain your new weight. There are a series of cycles you go through after the accelerate cycle:  activate, achieve, and arrive that help you adjust your eating habits for a healthier lifestyle. The accelerate cycle I followed before and am doing so right now is intended to help me shed the pounds fairly quickly. I will assess my progress at the end of each 17 day cycle and repeat the cycle until I’ve achieved my desired weight range.

It’s week one and it has been hard for me to give up all sweets and processed food that’s so easy to grab. With this diet, I have to plan ahead and make the time to cook the food so the meals are ready to go when I’m rushing around and need to eat something quickly. What’s helping me though is eating at home. If I stay in and have all my meals, then I won’t be tempted by foods that are off-limits to me right now.

To wrap up, I’ll be posting more commentary about this weight-loss program and sharing some tips I’ve learned along the way when dieting. I’ll also include some tasty recipes that can be enjoyed in the different cycles.  If you are or have been in my situation,  I hope you’ll share your stories and the tips that have proved helpful to you in your efforts to shed those extra pounds.

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