In the Zombie Zone: The Premiere of The Walking Dead & Free Zombie Fiction

Countdown to Season 5 of The Walking Dead

Walking Dead truck  follow that truck

I’m so looking forward to the  season premiere of  The Walking Dead  this Sunday, October 12 on AMC.   If you’ve wanted to watch the series, but missed past seasons, you can catch up with The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Week Marathon and watch all of the episodes of the show that lead up to season five. The marathon starts Monday, October 6th on AMC.

Watch the Trailer for the Premiere of Season 5: Never Let Your Guard Down

If you’re a die-hard fan of the series, like me, you may also be interested in reading the following collections of critical essays about the series and some of the  enduring philosophical questions found within the zombie genre.

We're All Infected Book cover

 We’re All Infected: Essays on AMC’s The Walking Dead and the Fate of the Human edited by Dawn Keetley 

Published April 15, 2014 

Genre: Nonfiction

This edited collection brings together an introduction and 13 original scholarly essays on AMC’s The Walking Dead. The essays in the first section address the pervasive bloodletting of the series: What are the consequences of the series’ unremitting violence? Essays explore violence committed in self-defense, racist violence, mass lawlessness, the violence of law enforcement, the violence of mourning, and the violence of history.

The essays in the second section explore an equally urgent question: What does it mean to be human? Several argue that notions of the human must acknowledge the centrality of the body–the fact that we share a “blind corporeality” with the zombie. Others address how the human is closely aligned with language and time, the disappearance of which are represented by the aphasic, timeless zombie.

Underlying each essay are the game-changing words of The Walking Dead’s protagonist Rick Grimes to the other survivors: “We’re all infected.” The violence of the zombie is also our violence; their blind drives are also ours. The human characters of The Walking Dead may try to define themselves against the zombies but in the end their bodies harbor the zombie virus: they are the walking dead.

Buy from Amazon: We’re All Infected: Essays on AMC’s the Walking Dead and the Fate of the Human


The Walking Dead and PhilosophyThe Walking Dead and Philosophy: Zombie Apocalypse Now  edited by Wayne Yuen  

Published June 12, 2012

Genre: Nonfiction

Rick, Lori, Shane, Carl, Dale, Andrea, and Michonne–human survivors of a zombie apocalypse–don’t know much about philosophy, but philosophical ideas continue to shamble on through their world, and there’s no excape from them.

The Walking Dead is both a hugely successful comics series and a popular TV show. This epic story of a zombie apocalypse is unique. It focuses on the long-term individual, social, and moral consequences of survival by small groups of humans in a world overrun by infected zombies.

Guns, chainsaws, and machetes are not enough for survival: humans also need agreement on rules of conduct. Can equality or fairness have any polace in the post-apocalyptic world? Do theft or even assault and murder become okay under desperate circumstances? Who should be recognized as having political authority? What about eating human flesh? Should survivors have children?

As zombies have low IQs, terrible manners, and the overpowering urge to eat people, do they have any rights at all? Am I still me if I become a zombie? Do zombies know anything? are they rational? Would it be ethical to train a zombie and keep it as a pet? What the heck are P-zombies? And why would we all jump at the chance.

Buy from Amazon: The Walking Dead and Philosophy: Zombie Apocalypse Now (Popular Culture and Philosophy)


Looking for Some Free Zombie Fiction?

Check out the following free books on Amazon that may be of interest to you. Just double-click on the book cover’s image to grab a copy.  Please double-check the price to make sure the book is still free before you “buy.”

Devoured (The Hunger # 1) by Jason Brant

This one is on my reading list – lots of positive reviews.

Hollowland (The Hollows 3 1) by Amanda Hocking

This is a good post-apocalyptic zombie novel featuring  a strong protagonist, nineteen-year-old Remy and her search to reunite with her little brother, Max after they get separated after zombies overtake their government-safeguarded quarantined building. As Remy fights her way across zombie-infested territory, she joins up with an array of characters just trying to survive each day. The book is full of action and suspense and kept my attention until the end, which left me eager to read the next installment.

Zombie Games (Origins)

This is the first book in Kristen Middleton’s YA zombie series. I read this book two years ago, and it was an okay read. The reviews are a mix on this one.

Affliction Z: Patient Zero by L.T. Ryan

 Slow Burn: Zero Day by Bobby Adair

I’ve read 1/4 of this so far and the protagonist, Zed Zane is one of those characters who really needs to be shaken into reality. He’s caught up in his own little, self-absorbed world until everything around him starts falling apart.  From what I’ve read so far, the book is action-driven without a lot of introspection from Zed’s character. It’s too early to tell at this point how he’ll change over the course of the book, but I do plan to continue reading it.

Riding the Apocalypse by Frank Ignagni 

Riding the Apocalypse

I’ve grabbed a copy of this one too, lots of positive reviews


Are you a Walking Dead fan? What are you most looking forward to about season 5?  I want to find out what’s happened to Beth

Have you read any zombie thrillers you’d like to recommend? Please share them with me.


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