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Nazarea Andrews has taken new adult romance out of the college classroom and moved it  into a post-apocalyptic world where survivors of a world-wide virus outbreak struggle to survive the terror of  zombie hordes that surround them. They thought they were safe behind the walls and barbed wires fencing of their Havens, but the hordes have grown much larger in number and the walls are beginning to crumble. No Haven in what’s left of the U.S. is safe from the zombies headed their way. If you want to spice up your romance with a bit of zombie action and violence, then you should definitely check out The World Without End series featured today.


The Horde Without End (The World Without End # 2)  by Nazarea Andrews

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Publication Date: July 27  2014

Genres: New Adult, Zombie, Romance



It was supposed to be over…
Returning from Haven 18 was supposed to be the end. But nothing is ever easy—and in a world full of zombies, finding the missing is next to impossible. There are breadcrumbs. Tiny clues. But what are a few tiny clues in a world of the dead?
Nurrin is desperate to find her brother, but that will mean trusting Finn O’Malley. A man shrouded in secrets, who kills as easily as breathing. And the more she learns about him, the more questions she has. But she has learned one thing—the zombies are changing. Adapting. And this time, the Haven walls won’t keep them out.

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The Horde Without End picks up where the first book ended, with Finn and Ren’s ongoing journey to find Ren’s brother, Collin and her boyfriend, Dustin. The enigmatic Finn is Collin’s best friend and his two main priorities are keeping Collin and Ren alive. After surviving their arduous trek to obtain medication for Dustin, who was injured during their escape from a zombie invasion of their Safe Haven or home in the first book, they must now face the wide open, zombie-infested terrain to find and reunite with Collin and Dustin…unsure whether the two are still even alive. Hope can be a dangerous thing, but it’s all Ren has to keep moving forward with Finn, a man she both loathes and desires:

Finn would move heaven and earth and face a horde alone to find Collin. Which means he is the only person I want helping me. 

If you thought the passion brimming beneath the antagonism between Finn and Ren was intense in the first book, you will find the continued friction and sexual tension between them now has grown so taut that it’s only a matter of time before it all explodes. A central question is whether they trust each other enough to survive the aftermath.  As I discovered in the first book, whereas Ren is fiery, Finn is just as icy, and their characters continue to clash in this second installment even when they try to resist their temptation for each other.

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Similar to the first book, the pace of the story picks up quickly and is full of mystery, action, and danger as complications continue rise and pose obstacles for the two as they get closer to finding Collin and Dustin and try to warn the other Havens about the increasing zombie hordes. It appears the virus that infected them is continuing to mutate and the zombies are adapting and becoming more successful in their attacks.

Both Ren and Finn alternately narrate the story in the first person POV using the present tense, which is commonly found in new adult fiction. Using the present tense gives a sense of immediacy and intensity to the situation and is an effective technique for the plot of this series. Also, readers begin to discover more details about Finn’s secretive past and why he is so reluctant for anyone to get close to him.  I also now realize why it is so important for Finn to have Ren’s trust even though he continues to withhold so much information from her.

While I had a good idea of how the first book would conclude, I was shocked by the climactic cliff-hanger of this book.  The ending left me clamoring for more and I hope Andrews won’t keep her readers waiting too long.  As a fan of post-apocalyptic zombie fiction, I really enjoyed reading these first two books, and they must be read in sequence to understand the storyline. I especially liked the unusual twist to the typical zombie plot that Andrews adds in the first book, which describes how and why a cult-like group called the Order organizes a “celebratory tribute” every year on the anniversary of the initial outbreak that occurred 20 years prior. This story thread continues in the series since the Order continues to pose a threat to Ren. So far, these  first two books in the series are riveting and entertaining from start to finish.

Those who plan to start the series should be aware that the books contain graphic violence, sexually explicit scenes, and coarse language.  In the ebook copies of these first two installments that I read, both contained intermittent proofreading errors, which hopefully have been corrected in the final published copies.  With those caveats in mind, readers who like new adult fiction that juxtaposes the sexy and  the dark  may enjoy this series as well.

Source: I received a complimentary ebook of The World Without a Future and an ARC of The Horde Without End  from the author to provide an honest review.


Revised Great Read

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Amazon:  The Horde Without End (The World Without End) (Volume 2) | Barnes and Noble

Start the Series!

The World Without a Future (The World Without End # 1)

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Publication Date: December 2013



She was born the day the world ended…

Nurrin has lived her entire life with zombies—trapped behind walls meant to keep them safe. She’s mostly happy there. But when a zombie horde breach the walls of her Haven, she has to trust her brother, Collin, and his best friend to keep her alive.

He just wants his past to die…

Finn O’Malley has given up on voicing warnings that are ignored. No one cares that the zombies are changing. Now all that matters is keeping Collin and Nurrin safe from what’s outside the walls of a Haven. But when Nurrin’s best friend picks up a contact infection, he agrees to get the medicine needed to save his life. Forced together, relying on each other in a strange Haven, zombies aren’t the most dangerous thing they’re facing.

In their world, only one thing remains true: everything ends in blood.

Purchase from Amazon: The World Without A Future (The World Without End) (Volume 1)


Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog. She is the author of Girl Lost, Edge of the Falls, and The University of Branton  Series.

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