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Resolutions (Honor Guard Series # 1) by Teri Riggs



Publication Date: December 2013 / 266 pgs

Genre: Romantic Suspense



DEA agent Eve Taylor has had her fill of alpha males. When Resolutions’ operative and former lover, Dillon “Mac” McKenna, threatened her hard-earned independence, she ran. On a mission to gather evidence against a Colombian drug-lord, Eve discovers the drug-lord is helping terrorists plan an attack on American soil. Before she can escape with the vital information, she’s captured and comes face to face with her mortality…

As a teen, Mac watched his family fall apart after his mother died doing dangerous U.N. work. The possibility of losing Eve to a mission ignited an overwhelming need to protect her. When he forced her to choose him or her job, she walked away. Two years later, it seems all his nightmares have come true and he’s tasked with rescuing her from a Colombian prison. Mac has never stopped loving Eve, but does he dare risk his heart when he’s so terrified of losing…

On the run, Mac and Eve must learn to trust each other again in order to stay alive.


 Occasional bursts of gunfire echoed in the distance as the distorted voices of Mendoza’s men moved closer. The damned monkey started chattering again. She flipped onto her back and forced her breathing and heart rate to slow. The night’s stars faded into the orange-red sky of morning sunrise and a welcomed calm washed over her. For the first time in her life, Eve wished she was still back home in Duncan Falls, Iowa with her four overprotective brothers. The Alpha Four, she called them. They’d be royally pissed if she didn’t somehow get out of this mess.

Her mind turned to thoughts of Mac, the only man she’d ever loved. Maybe he’d been right after all. Maybe she wasn’t cut out for this line of work. Maybe she did need him. So many maybes.

Eve closed her eyes and the maybes and darkness took her.

Available at Amazon: Resolutions

Check out Teri’s dream cast for the main characters in the book: 

Author Guest Post half size

“Dream Cast for Characters in Resolutions”

Eve Taylor

DEA Agent working with The IDEA (International Drug Enforcement Agency), Mac’s former lover

Eve Taylor

Eve should be played by someone who can pull off sexy and tough. Sarah Shahi pulls it off every week on Person of Interest. I’ve always loved movies, television shows, and books with strong heroines. I like the heroines has to be ready to kick butt whenever necessary. This actress can physically fight with a man and win. Most importantly, she does it in way that looks believable. I love it!

Dillon “Mac” McKenna

Resolutions’ Operative, Former Army Ranger, Eve’s ex-lover

Mac McKenna

I’d pick Alex O’Loughlin to play Mac in a movie. He plays Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five O. The man is drop dead gorgeous. Fortunately for the female population of the world, he somehow manages to lose the shirt every few episodes! Mac is a former Army Ranger and Alex O’Loughlin would be more than believable in the role. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have rescue me!

Miguel Mendoza

Drug Lord, Terrorist, and all around Scumbag

Miguel Mendoza

Mendoza would be played well by Benjamin Bratt. He can flawlessly pull off playing a bad guy

Without a problem. He’d have to grow his hair a bit, but otherwise, I completely envision him as evil Miguel Mendoza.

Cade Warner

Resolutions’ Operative, Former Army Ranger, and Mac’s best friend

Cade Warner

Cade needs to be tough and fun. I think I’d go with Phillip Winchester’s sidekick on Strike Back, Sullivan Stapleton. This actor manages to play a total alpha male, weapons specialist and at the same time can be funny.  And he’s not bad to look at!



 teri.riggs_Teri Riggs was destined to be a writer.  As a small girl she didn’t read bedtime stories, she made up her own.  Who needed Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Little Pigs when there were so many great tales bouncing around in her head?  When she grew up and became a mother to three little girls, she continued the tradition of making up bedtime stories.  On the occasions she chose to tell conventional fairytales, Teri usually gave them a bit of tweaking here and there or added a new ending.  Her girls loved it.

After her daughters had the nerve to actually grow up and leave home, Teri discovered she had a passion for writing and jumped right in.  It came as no surprise she chose to write mysteries and happily-ever-after’s since that’s the genres she loves to read.

Teri lives in Marietta, Georgia with her husband, one of her daughters and two dogs that seem to think they rule the world.  And some days Teri thinks maybe they do.

Teri still frequently tells herself stories as she falls asleep.  The only difference now is she wakes up the next morning and turns her bedtime stories into books.

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