Spotlight & Author Guest Post for How I Dumped My Demon


How I Dumped My Demon by Elizabeth M. Darcy


Publication Date: May 8, 2014 / 83 pgs

Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance


Abandoned by her mother at a police station, Megan Stonebridge has no idea who she is or why a demon haunts her nightmares. When the dreams become a frightening reality, she questions her sanity.

Putting her faith in a locket inscribed with ancient runes left with her by her mother, Megan must unlock the meaning of the runes before the demon drags her into the underworld. In fear for her life, Megan unknowingly casts a spell that summons a handsome warlock to help her dump her demon.

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ElizabethMDarcyBorn in London, England and now living in Australia, Elizabeth enjoys the thrill of writing YA romance and loves all things magical.  She has a passion for history and her sweet historical romance stories are drawn from the history of her heritage to bring readers the delightful imagery of life and love through time. From Norman Knights to Scottish Highlanders and English rakes, Elizabeth creates stories that will remain with the reader long after the final page.

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Twitter: @EMDarcyauthor


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“Who is Elizabeth M. Darcy?”

I write many different genres because I enjoy variety and changing from one genre to another keeps my writing fresh. I am told I have different voices for different genres, which for me is interesting because I certainly don’t feel the same when I am writing a sweet YA paranormal and a sexy Historical. My favorite genre to write would be my current work in progress. I love both paranormal, fantasy and historical. I have delved into the fantasy world of warlocks, the paranormal world of wolf shifters, werewolves, and historical romance.

I am very much a pantser, which means I write without a net . . . I do not plot my stories they plot themselves. I dream most of my plots, and the story ebbs and flows like the ocean. Speaking about the ocean, I find a great deal of inspiration from walking on the beach. I enjoy listening to music and it is surprising how one line of a song can trigger a story. I love to build fantasy worlds and take my readers along with me, so I fill my stories with ambience. If my characters are drinking coffee I want my readers to smell it and that first kiss well as a reader you need to be right there experiencing every emotion.

Well . . .  I have been told an author should only write what he/she knows . . . hmmm well I’m not a witch or a demon so that blows that statement out of the water. I often wonder how people come up with these strange ideas, I mean —really. If we look back as far as Peter Pan and forward to The Twilight Saga apart from the millions of Fae and Shifter stories out there, none of these stories would exist if authors only wrote from personal experience. Wow! If this were true, I sure wouldn’t want to be Stephen King!

Writing is wonderful escapism into different dimensions of emotion as well as space. The gift, I believe is having the ability to take your readers with you. I like to explore the historical and fantasy scenes in my imagination and write them down and I often feel as if I live in another world most of the time.

My latest release is a magical paranormal fantasy, How I Dumped My Demon from Evernight Teen.

                                                                                                           –Elizabeth M Darcy


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