Mini Review & Giveaway for Kit & Ivy: A Red Team Wedding Novella (Red Team # 3a)

Kit & Ivy's Wedding Novella

Ex-spec ops solider Kit Bolanger tried hard to forget Ivy Banks, the only woman he ever loved. When his work brought him back to his hometown, and he learned she was still single, he pursued her with a relentless focus. Now, in just a few weeks, they’re set to lock things down permanently on their big day. 

With the wedding looming, Ivy’s working tirelessly to create the perfect menu and orchestrate their dream wedding. However, Kit has one last secret to reveal–and it might just be a deal breaker. Will Ivy see the truth behind Kit’s actions? Or will she call the whole thing off, this time for good? 

Ages: 18 & up (story contains sex and profanity)

Kit & Ivy: A Red Team Wedding Novella (Red Team #3a) by Elaine Levine

Publication Date: March 2014 / length: approx. 100 pgs.

Genre: Romantic Suspense Series



Mini Review  red half size

If you’re a fan of the Red Team series, I’m sure, like me, you are looking forward to the fourth novel, Twisted Mercywhich is scheduled to release this summer. In the meantime, Levine has written a novella to keep readers up-to-date on the happenings at the Red Team compound, and this is a quick, fun read that will whet your appetite for more of the action and romance that Levine is sure to provide in upcoming installments of this great romantic suspense series.

Readers are given a brief reprieve from the team’s major conflict with a terrorist organization operating on U.S. soil, and the plot of this novella focuses more on interpersonal conflicts within this tightly-knit group in the events leading up to Kit and Ivy’s wedding day.  Even though Kit and Ivy are happily together now, they still have some relationship wrinkles to work through. Kit is a dominant, decisive alpha male, and these personality traits, which make him a great leader, have created conflict in his personal relationship with Ivy, a strong, independent woman who wants to be an equal partner. When Kit makes a unilateral decision about Ivy’s parents’ involvement in their wedding and only tells Ivy afterwards, he creates more contention for an already stressed-out Ivy who has yet to deal with the grief and pain her parents caused so many years ago. Although Kit’s intentions are good, I have to disagree with his methods for trying to make peace with the future in-laws.  There’s no doubt, Kit’s actions make a good topic for further discussion.

Sniper warrior, Val, who isn’t afraid to get in touch with his feminine side, makes the occasion special for Ivy and her bridesmaids by planning an event to help them all find just the right ensemble. He’s also the only male allowed into Ivy’s private bachelorette party where the gals’ silly antics leave the rest of the men a bit on edge. While these light-hearted, up-beat scenes dominate the book, Levine subtly moves other characters’ storylines forward by, for example,  hinting that all is not as well with Rocco as we might think, and, Selena, the newest addition to the team is turning more than one Red Team member’s head even though a relationship is the last thing on her mind.

I think all fans of the series will enjoy Levine’s latest Red Team release. If you are interested in reading the series, keep in mind that it is one that must be read in sequential order.

Source: I received a complimentary copy of this novella from the author to provide an honest review.




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    • Hi Dii! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 If you like romantic suspense with great alpha males then I hope you’ll give this one a try. I recently noticed that the first book in the series, The Edge of Courage is on Amazon Kindle for a free download!

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