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Time to Retire by Jon Foyt

Time to Retire, by Jon Foyt, is a new mystery/romance novel that offers a glimpse into the adventures of retirement living.

 Things are not quite what they seem at Sunset Gardens, an active adult retirement community in California. The directors of the Homeowner’s Association has been handling money in questionable ways, there’s secret meetings occurring at The Silent Front, a former speakeasy, and an influential resident recently committed suicide. Reporter Willy Herbst, approaching retirement, is curious about what’s going on in the neighboring community “over the hill.” He and his eager intern, Sally Saginaw, team up to investigate. Their discoveries are surprising…

Time to Retire is filled with mystery, romance, and adventure, as Willy and Sally explore the lifestyles of aging retirees.

excerpt 50 percent

Chapter Six

Willy and His Sunrise Sentinel City Editor, Carolyn Whyte

For some time prior to Heinrich’s death, Willy had been peering across the hills toward Sunset Gardens, speculating about the wisdom of its aging and aged residents. Now, he hoped, with his new assignment from Carolyn Whyte, he would be able to investigate both Heinrich Gossard’s suicide and to learn more about retiree’s lives and perhaps their loves. Before, he’d not gotten such an assignment from his editor. Yet, hadn’t Carolyn emailed him Sunday morning about investigating Heinrich Gossard’s suicide?

With expectations high, Willy decided to drop by his editor’s desk the following morning.


“—Ms. Whyte—”

“—Uh, sorry.” Willy rushed on, “I read your intern Sally’s obituary on Heinrich Gossard’s suicide.”

“And?” Carolyn Whyte mumbled, pencil in hand, decreeing story edits.

Willy faltered, “Well, I’m curious about what goes on over there. In addition to my interest in the suicide, I’d like to write some human interest stories.”

“The suicide, yes,” Carolyn interrupted gruffly. “The other stuff, no. Retirees are in a world all their own. We have some readers over there, but not many. They have their own weekly newspaper, the Clarion Call. Our Sentinel readers are mostly younger folks living in Sunrise City. We have plenty of interesting stories to cover for them.”

“But—” Willy started to protest. He wanted to challenge her assumptions. “You were the one who wanted me to let you know what I found out….”

“All right,” the editor cut him off, seeing Willy was not about to back down. “When you do investigate, other than the suicide, it’s on your own time. No mileage, no overtime…after hours some night after you’ve walked your dog.”

Willy quickly replied, “Do you have any contacts at Sunset Gardens?”

Looking up from her editing again, Carolyn thought out loud, “My dear old Aunt Hattie—retired, of course—has lived in Sunset Gardens for years.” The editor added, “She once told me about a guy—Arnold somebody—who runs the pub there, The Silent Frog. He has the inside scoop. Try talking to him.” Returning to her editing, Carolyn continued, “Like I said, nobody here in Sunrise City is much interested in what those retirees are doing.” She looked up again at Willy, this time smiling. “Prove me wrong, Mr. Eager Reporter.”

Willy smiled back.

About the Author 50 percent

Jon FoytStriving for new heights on the literary landscape, along with his late wife Lois, Jon Foyt began writing novels 20 years ago, following careers in radio, commercial banking, and real estate. He holds a degree in journalism and an MBA from Stanford and a second masters degree in historic preservation from the University of Georgia. Jon is 81 years old, an octogenarian prostate cancer survivor, a marathon runner (60 completed), hiker, and political columnist. He currently resides in a large active adult retirement community near San Francisco. Jon Foyt is the successful author of 11 fiction books. To learn more, go to

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“A gripping narrative that reads like a mystery, entertaining and thought-provoking.” – Doug Hergert, columnist and author of Nothing in Paris and Can’t Get It In France

“A realistic description of a retirement community. Living in such a place, I recognize the foibles of members, the clubs, and the Board as vivid and humorous. Holds your interest… an enjoyable read that I recommend.” – Samuel P. Oliner, author of Altruism, Intergroup Apology, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, and The Nature of Good and Evil

“…A current American chronicle poignantly surveying the dreams, heartaches, and successes of our life scene.” – Walter M. Bortz II, M.D., author of Next Medicine: The Science and Civics of Health and Roadmap to 100

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