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Dreams of the Cursed Allie Jean

Dreams of the Cursed (Dreamers #2) by Allie Jean

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A secret war has waged underneath the notice of humanity since the beginning. The Warriors inherited this fight and are honor bound to rid the world of an ancient evil by guarding the most precious, piercing light against the darkness – their female kin known as the Oracles.

Chantal Breelan has suffered from horrific nightmares for most of her life, believing something to be wrong with her to have such visions of destruction. But when creatures of darkness came crawling out of the shadows to hunt her down, her dreams became reality.

Now, Chantal has picked up the reigns of her birthright and stood by her Warrior kin. She’s on a mission to rescue others like herself. Yet in this challenge a battle of wits is exposed. New players are discovered, throwing strategies into question. When the truth comes to light, can Chantal hold her band of brothers together, or will they crumble under the weight of betrayal.

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I’m really enjoying this YA series that provides a creative take on the Fallen Angels who were cast out of Heaven because they desired the power and omnipotence of their creator.  Not all followed “The Evil One” into Hell; some realized their grave error and tried to repent. Now known as Contrites, they have been cursed to live on Earth, and they atone for their sins by fighting against the evil Fallen that prey upon humankind.

Contrites eventually married human females and their offspring continue to fight against the Fallen. Daughters of the Contrites have received the “Grace of Heaven” and are called Oracles or Dreamers because of their gift for having powerful dreams that reveal the past and the future. The Fallen have traditionally hunted Oracles for slaughter, but now they seem to relish in capturing and torturing Oracles for information. Sons of Contrites take a blood-oath to protect the Oracles and are known as the Warriors of Heaven.  This band of warrior brothers love and cherish these revered females of their race and are willing to lay down their lives to keep Oracles safe.

The first book in the series, Legacy of a Dreamer introduces us to Chantel Breelan, a young girl who grew up in foster care until she turned eighteen. Now on her own and plagued for years by nightmares, evil begins to stalk her. Once Chantel’s life is jeopardized, Mathias, a Warrior who has been watching out for her well-being  over the years intervenes to explain the truth of Chantel’s legacy as an Oracle. Chantel is then immersed into a supernatural war between good and evil where she must always be ready for attack since the Fallen and their descendents, the Kajola, will continue to search for her and others like her to destroy their gift of Grace.

This series should be read in order because Dreams of the Cursed picks up where the first book ends and the plot continues as Chantel and the Warriors from Heaven work together to find young Oracles who have been kidnapped and are being tortured by the Fallen.  We meet a much stronger Chantel in this second book. She now has the physical skills to fight and the fortitude and courage to face her adversaries. She is a thoughtful and mature young woman who makes an admirable heroine for the series.  She and Mathias have a powerful attraction between them and their emotional connection is strong.  However, both know that they have to be careful because their feelings for each other could become a distraction that would put them in even more danger.

This second installment is filled with lots of conflict, danger, and action as the Oracles and Warriors band together to fight an unexpected attack by the Fallen.  When suspicions arise that a traitor may be in the mix, loyalties will be tested and some of the characters’ actions will be questioned. However, vengeance is a powerful motivator and one that drives this story to an intense, climatic ending with one doozy of a cliffhanger!

I purchased Legacy of Dreamers and received a copy of Dreams of the Cursed from the author to provide an honest review.



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Allie Jean was born with an overactive imagination. She spent her childhood inventing stories and telling tales. Her mind never shut down, even while she slept. Vivid dreams containing extensive, elaborate plot lines of good overcoming evil villains captured her nightly visions, lingering into her waking hours and filling the pages of her well-loved bounded diaries. She was encouraged by her parents, even at a young age, to write down her tales, and it has remained a somewhat secret hobby. As a busy wife, mother and critical care nurse, Allie’s love of storytelling has been reborn through the adventures of her unforgettable characters.

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