Spotlight for The Lifestyle Business Rockstar

Rasmus Lindgren recently released his book The Lifestyle Business Rockstar: Quit your 9-5, kick ass, work less, and live more!


Book Description

The Lifestyle Business Rockstar is a guide to prioritizing your life and achieving work-life balance by starting a lifestyle business. Rasmus teaches how to break free of your 9-5 job, discover the lifestyle business idea that is right for you, design and build a profitable online business, and spend more time pursuing your life’s passions.
“You don’t need a fortune to start your own business – if you model it correctly, you can have a true balance of money, time, and mobility to live the lifestyle you desire,” says Rasmus. “This book provides the knowledge to live the lifestyle you want—not just in theory, but in practice. By implementing several simple tools like the Rockstar Trifecta, you’ll learn how to create a work-anywhere profession in which you can earn more income by working smarter and less.”

Rasmus shares his own journey to successful lifestyle businesses and the experiences of others who have created profitable online businesses. The businesses include consulting, coaching, speaking, e-commerce, and graphic design.

Rasmus lives the talk, only working 3-4 months a year and spending most of his time pursuing his passions, traveling, and with his family. For more information, visit

 Read an Excerpt

(taken from the chapter: “The Great Lifestyle Lie”)

One of the comforts of growing up in the free world is the knowledge if you work hard enough and do the right thing, you will reap your rewards. If you punch the clock, endure the grind, or shovel enough paperwork from the inbox to the outbox, you will reap your rewards. The same goes if you put up with your stupid boss—life will reward you. It will reward you with what you consider your birthright—the life you’ve always wanted.

You’ll retire with that gold watch, your house will be yours, and your pension secure. The stocks you invested in will be solvent, your IRA and 401(k) will be bursting, and you’ll finally be able to live the lifestyle you always imagined—carefree days, relaxing nights, and time to spend with family and friends. You’ll travel and live the good life.

The recession and its aftermath, the double dip, and the endless slog through our life’s savings— stocks, 401(k)s, IRAs—and the generally prolonged dry spell blanketing the planet for the last few years perpetuate what I call ‘the great lifestyle lie’.

Our teachers and parents sold us a bill of goods because they grew up with the same lie. Our government, who is at the mercy of the powerful corporate lobbyists, lies to us. Unfortunately, the status quo worked and the lie sounded good—everything appeared to be in balance. But as the recent economic downturn(s) clearly shows, balance is a precarious thing and when the world goes out of whack, it can take years—decades—to balance again. Which is fine for the fat cats and one percent who make the rules and sell the great lifestyle lie. But what about the rest of us? What are we supposed to do until the economy recovers? Now that our savings are wiped out, stocks depleted, and our 401(k)’s bankrupt, do we start over at thirty? Forty? Fifty?

The great lifestyle lie is this—you can be safe, secure, and happy while working on the corporate plantation. You’ll reap the benefits by putting in your hours and years. What you don’t make on your own, you can augment with your earnings from Social Security, a work pension, stock portfolio, IRA, or 401(k).

That’s the lie—the fact is you can never become rich if you’re mired in a nine-to-five job. Period! Why? Because you’re leveraging your time and selling it for money—and this can never scale. I don’t like the idea of having to struggle my entire life, retire with two false hips, and only then have time to live the life I crave.

Do you?

And yet we’ve lived this lie for so long, we’re uncertain about the future. We’re uncertain about making the switch from believing the lifestyle lie to facing the truth—and living with the knowledge safety and security are dreams of the past. Fact is, they vanish when you’re working nine to five for someone else.

Here’s the deal—we’re happy as long we’re safe even if that means working our entire lives. The problem is during the recent recession we realized employment is not for life—and, we’re not safe in our jobs anymore. Tenure is certainly a crapshoot, and the promise of a relaxing retirement ranks with the Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny thing.

Not good.

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Rasmus Lindgren

The Lifestyle Business Rockstar


The Lifestyle Business Rockstar is available in both paperback ($13.10) and ebook ($9.95) on Amazon (click the book cover):

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