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Pro Resumes Made Easy new cover April 2013

How To/Non Fiction/Career 
Date Published: 9/30/2012

Pro Resumes Made Easy by Andrea Drew

Written by a professional resume writer of 15 years, this book takes you through the step by step process to write your resume and cover letter like the Professionals do it – at a tenth of the cost!

Contains samples and examples to assist you along the way, along with a free resume critique with every book sale. 

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Chapter 1 – Some basics

What is the purpose of a resume?  If you ask most people, they will tell you it is “to get a job interview.”  Yes, that’s right it is designed to get you a job interview.  But a resume is also designed to sell you, or generate enough interest in you to make the reader make contact and schedule a meeting time.  Your resume has had enough impact, that out of the hundreds of resumes a recruiter receives in their email inbox daily, yours has stood out.

If you’ve heard the saying that recruiter’s look at most resumes for between 5 and 20 seconds, it’s true.  Add to that equation the fact that resumes are now received via email inbox, and you need to consider the fact that this means that the top third of your first page will be the first thing the recruiter sees when they click open the attachment.

I’ll be running you through the step by step process I use when writing a resume.

My resumes are written in a way that they;

a)    Catch the recruiters eye immediately

b)    Give them a reason to keep on reading

c)     Stand out by writing them in a way that only 5% of all job applicants use effectively; and

d)    Works with scanning software sometimes used by recruiters

e)    Makes the reader want to meet with you!

About the Author

andrea drew resume writer resizesAndrea started her professional resume writing career in 1998, forming a professional resume writing service online for all professions.
In April 2011, she successfully transitioned the business over to new management, in order to focus on her specialty niche, IT professionals, Executives and Managers.
Well, in Andrea’s words “Executives and Managers are accustomed to collaborating to produce cutting edge results, and so are professional in their dealings enabling a unique and top class result and enabling me to write even better career marketing documents.”
This doesn’t mean that if you are not an executive or Manager she can’t help you.  It simply means that unless you understand this is an investment and will involve some work on your part (providing the information needed) then it’s probably best you look elsewhere that’s all.  
Author Links
Twitter: Impressive CV

 Guest Post from Andrea

How to Write and Get Published 


So for many writers, finishing the book can seem like a huge relief – I know it was for me.  Then came the editing, reviewing, editing, proofing and cover design etc.  Once all of that was done, I decided once I uploaded it to Kindle/Amazon all I had to do was sit back and wait for the money to roll in right? Wrong.

Yeah, sure I got some sales.  But nothing like what I imagined I would make after such a herculean effort.  I’m currently selling about 50 a month, but then it’s taken a year to get to this point.

Then I read about an indie author who made $40K in royalties on a book about….bees.  yes, that’s right a spiritual allegory about bees.

His name is John Penberthy and he made this money in less than a year selling foreign rights.  So I figured, if he can do it, then so can I!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gone down the whole contacting literary agents road with very little success.  I’m based in Australia, and down under there are only a total of between 15-20 literary agents for a population of 23 million.  My response was generally “thanks but no thanks.”  Ditto for US agents.  This is despite writing a book about resume writing, and having been a professional with what I thought was a pretty good platform established over 16 years as a pro resume writer.

For me, foreign rights is the best way to get around this.

So, what did I do?  Well I followed John’s tips and advice.  Firstly he suggests having a video trailer made about the book which agents can look at very quickly.  So I hopped onto fiverr and got one of these made for 5 dollars.

I then bought a list of all foreign rights and literary agents from this website (it cost $6)

I then prepared a short(ish) email and sent it out to all relevant agents.  That’s right I highlighted the relevant part.  Once you read the list you will see that not all agents necessarily are interested in your work.  So this list  purchased for $6 can save you a lot of time and help you target the right agents.

Yes I received quite a few rejections.  Many didn’t respond at all.  Then, two weeks later I received an acceptance from an agent!  It seems my book has good possibilities in Asia, where they love “How to” books.  Who would have known?

So while I haven’t yet landed a “traditional” publishing deal – I do now have an agent for foreign rights.  From here, my plan is to reinitiate contact with US and Australian based agents once my book makes some sales overseas.

Here’s to your success!


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