Cover Reveal for The Darkest Joy

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Title: The Darkest Joy

Author: Marata Eros

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Expected release: February 18, 2014

Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense

Age Group: New Adult

A sexy and poignant new adult novel from New York Times bestseller Marata Eros, about two lost souls who find each other in the wake of tragedy, only to learn that love may not be enough to heal the wounds of a dark and tortured past…

Twenty year-old Brooke Starr has escaped the aftermath of a brutal tragedy by abandoning her music studies and moving north to take a summer position as a part-time deck hand on a deep-sea fishing boat. When her survivor’s guilt becomes unbearable, Brooke realizes there’s only one thing she can do to finally erase the pain.

Deep sea fisherman, Chance Taylor, has just wrapped his guitar set at the local saloon when he sees the silhouette of a young woman in repose, the full moon highlighting her shadow as she plummets from a pier too high for diving… into water too cold to survive. Without thinking, he plunges in after her, saving Brooke from drowning.

As Chance works to save her from her own emotional fragility, Brooke finally begins to learn how to save herself. But when their chemistry begins to consume them, Brooke withdraws. She’s determined to be the master of her own destiny… until the past catches up with her in a cataclysmic plan so dark, so final… it threatens their love and their very lives.
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About the Author

Marata ErosMarata Eros is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of dark, romantic new adult novels, including A Terrible Love and its companion novel A Brutal Tenderness. A passionate writer who loves interacting with her readers, Marata lives in South Dakota with her husband.

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Spotlight & Giveaway for New Release of Until Next Time


Justine Dell and Omnific Publishing are celebrating their newest release, Until Next Time, with us! Giveaways are happening!

Until Next Time Cover

Title: Until Next Time

Author: Justine Dell

Publisher: Omnific Publishing

Release date: August 27, 2013

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Age Group: Adult

Book Description

Piper Downing knows a thing or two about death. She’s spent her entire life working inside her family’s funeral home. Now thirty, Piper’s been running the place on her own for what feels like an eternity. Not that she minds. Losing her parents at a young age, watching her teenage boyfriend die before her eyes, and seeing every type of death and tragedy possible in her line of work did something to her psyche. Piper copes with her job—and the world—by putting every emotion in a box and burying it. She doesn’t get close to people, has no friends, and only has relationships with men for sexual satisfaction. She doesn’t love. Love is selfish.

Macy Quinn Oliver knows a thing or two about death, too. An injury caused him to be honorably discharged as a fighter pilot and now he works as grief counselor at the local VA hospital. He grew up in a family that understands the pain of death, yet embraces what it means. He was taught that death isn’t the end, it is simply… until next time. Even after losing his young bride to brain cancer, Quinn loves. Quinn lives. But because of his vow to his late wife, Quinn will never marry. When he meets Piper at his Grandmother’s wake, her chestnut hair and matching eyes stirs him in a way that hasn’t happened for a long time.

And Quinn has the same effect on Piper. Together they make the perfect pair; a girl who won’t love and a guy who won’t marry. But in order to get their happy ever after, Piper has to learn that love isn’t an end all, and Quinn must make a commitment he promised to never make again.

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About the Author

Justine lives in the Midwest, happily catering to her family, which consists of a horse-obsessed teenage daughter, four dogs, and a husband who is to good to be true. She’s never moved from her hometown, but hopes to grow old in a much warmer climate. During the day she works a normal job with college students who try their best to keep her young. They’ve done a good job thus far. At night, said teenage daughter and her horse require mounds of love and attention. The weekends belong solely to her and her writing. That’s when she morphs into a sticky bug, unable to leave the confines of her computer chair.

She started writing three years ago after seeing a movie that set off a chain reaction she couldn’t have stopped if she’d wanted. It’s not a hobby for her; it’s an obsession. One she loves and one she loves to share. Her debut novel, RECAPTURED DREAMS, and her second book, ALL AMERICAN GIRl, are available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold.

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Blog Tour:Review & Giveaway for The Shadow of Mudflap

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The Shadow of Mudflap (Foxtrot Team 1)  by Christi Snow & MF Smith

Cover (1)

All the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Lubbock Red Cross.

Releasing: August 19th, 2013

Book Description

To us, first responders are heroes. But for them, risking their lives is a normal, everyday thing.


Born the baby of the family, Mudflap has always had something to prove to emerge out of the shadows of his older siblings. He spent eight years as a Special Ops elite sniper and is now a firefighter. But at his heart, he’s just a normal West Texas good old boy who loves his beer, women and football, until the Department of Defense calls him up to say they need his skills again.


Shanae is a first responder of a different sort. She’s a trauma nurse who works on a medical evacuation helicopter team. But while she lives a life full of adrenaline every day, it’s just a cover for her real life, where she hides in the shadows and is secret agent, Shadowfox for the Lubbock Foxtrot Team (LiFT). She’s living the kind of life that most people think exists only in movies and books.

Working for two different branches of the government, Mudflap and Shanae are in a race against time and the terrorists who threaten the very heart of West Texas life, football. They’re working toward the same goal, but find themselves in a confrontation against each other and the lies they’ve each had to hide behind. Can love win out in the end or will the cost be each other and their very lives?

First responders are heroes every day, but this story tells the tale of when they become even more and find love along the way. The key is for them to stay alive so that they can complete their mission and just maybe live happily ever after.

On an ordinary day, they save lives. On an extraordinary day, they save the country.

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Book Review

The Shadow of Mudflap is an enjoyable story involving secret agents, a domestic terrorist organization, motorcycle gangs, and, at the heart of it all, Texas football.  If you don’t already know this, then let me be clear: Texans take their football seriously!   Snow and Smith do not exaggerate the importance of this sport one bit. I wouldn’t have believed it until I moved to Texas five years ago.  Football is sacred here.

Once I started the book, I couldn’t put it down  and pretty much finished it in one sitting. The characters are well-developed and have their own personal issues to confront as they covertly work to stop a local terrorist organization, the ALT who seems to have targeted the Texas Tech football team to advance its own agenda.

Mudflap Davidson, and yes that’s his real name, is a sexy, gorgeous firefighter who gets pulled into the conflict when the Army asks him to go undercover to watch for suspicious, threatening activities that may harm the Texas Tech football team.  Because of Mudflap’s role in the community and his skills as a former special ops sniper, he is able to easily slip into an undercover role working for the Department of Defense.

When he begins to pursue the pretty paramedic who helped his injured partner during a fire, he has no idea that she is really Shadowfox, an agent for the Lubbock Foxtrot Team, a top secret branch of Homeland Security hiding under the guises of LiFT EMS, who provide air and ambulance medical services in the area. The Foxtrot Team is also investigating the ALT, but neither agency knows about the other’s involvement.

Shanae is drawn to Mudflap’s  good looks and charming personality. However, she has no interest in more than just having a casual fling.  She works in a field dominated by men and based on her observations and limited personal experience, she has concluded that men only use women for sex. So, her motto is to do the same with men, without getting tangled up with emotional attachments. Her last relationship with a CIA agent, Seth, has also led her to believe men are controlling and jealous.  Shanae is willful and independent, and she’s doesn’t think relationships work for her. Ironically, though, she can’t help but see true love is possible since her twin sister is happily married.

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It was heartwarming and fun to watch Mudflap and Shanae’s relationship develop, and their periodic texting is witty, flirty, and heartfelt.  Their online conversations and the sexual chemistry between the two are powerful factors in drawing them together, even though Shanae keeps trying to pull away.

Although Shanae does what she can to keep her distance, Mudflap digs in his heels and continues to tear down all the walls she has erected to secure her heart. He has that wonderful blend of Alpha and sweetness that is hard to resist. Mudflap isn’t overbearing or controlling, and he patiently gives her space while still letting her know that he wants her.  The motorcycle is scene is my favorite where Mudflap’s alpha side emerges, and he bulldozes right through Shanae’s  emotional defenses. Let’s just say, this is one hot scene, where a fire hose might be needed but certainly wouldn’t be welcomed.  Mudflap and Shanae make a great couple, and I like that their relationship progresses over time and doesn’t overshadow the mystery and suspense in trying to stop the ALT’s plans.

This is a pretty quick read with a clear writing style and an engaging storyline that kept my interest. The authors do weave in some humorous situations involving Mudflap, a handgun, and naked people that lightened up the otherwise serious tone of the book.  As you read the book, keep in mind that it’s dangerous to interfere with Texans and football.

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I look forward to what’s next for the Foxtrot Team.

I received a copy of this book from the authors for an honest review.



Read an Excerpt

Because everything about this book is set around a college football season, the book is broken down a bit differently than your normal book usually is done. Instead of chapters, there are weeks (i.e. the weeks of the football season) and there are also sections called Halftime Texting. These feature flirty little exchanges of texts between the hero, Mudflap, and the heroine, Shanae. The following is my favorite Halftime Texting section from the book…

Halftime Texting

Shanae: I have two cookies: one is a snickerdoodle, one is a chocolate chip.

Mudflap: Okay, that’s just mean when I haven’t eaten lunch yet.

Shanae: It’s a test. If I offer you one, which one do you take?

Mudflap: You’re testing me?

Shanae: Yes, now answer the question.

Mudflap: I’d take the snickerdoodle.

Shanae: Good answer, but why?

Mudflap: I have sisters. I know better than to get between a girl and her chocolate.

Mudflap: Did I pass?

Shanae: With flying colors.


Mudflap: You weren’t just teasing about the cookies, right? I really am hungry.


About the Authors

Christi Snow

Christi SnowAs an avid reader her entire life, Christi Snow always dreamed of writing books that brought to others the kind of joy she felt when she read. But…she never did anything about it besides jot down a few ideas and sparse scenes.

When she turned 41, she decided it was time to go after her dream and started writing. Within four months, she’d written over 150,000 words and hasn’t stopped since.

She’s found her calling by writing about sexy, alpha heroes and smart, tough heroines falling in love and finding their passion. She’s truly living the dream and loving every minute of it.

Her tagline is… Passion and adventure on the road to Happily Ever After. She’s loving this adventure! (book review blog)

M.F. Smith

MF SmithMudflap is a morning show personality for 96.3 KLLL in Lubbock, TX. He’s been on the morning show for seven years and in radio for over ten years. He’s entertained people all over the world, and has helped raise money for many non-profit agencies and charities.

Mudflap loves to see people smile and believes everyone deserves a hug.

KLLL radio station website


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