ARC Review of Exposed (Tracers # 7) by Laura Griffin

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Expected Publication Date: June 25, 2013

Exposed (Tracers #7) by Laura Griffin

Book Description

The seventh thrilling novel in the Tracers series from an author who “excels at detailing the mystery and the chase” (Publishers Weekly) features a forensic photographer and an FBI agent who form an uneasy partnership to find a vicious criminal.

With the click of her camera, Maddie Callahan inadvertently added herself to the hit list of a criminal mastermind the FBI’s been investigating for months. Agent Brian Beckmann is determined to protect the sexy photographer, but she may be his only lead.

 As a forensic photographer, Maddie is used to seeing violence up close, but she’s never before been a target. When a freelance photo shoot goes awry, she realizes she may have seen, and perhaps photographed, the kidnapping of a key witness in a federal probe. And although her camera was stolen, Maddie has something that could be even more valuable to investigators. With the help of her colleagues at the Tracers crime lab, Maddie uncovers DNA evidence that provides a desperately needed break in the case.

Although Brian is reluctant to involve Maddie, she’s determined to help with the investigation and the two set out to track a vicious criminal known as The Doctor, whose far-reaching violence has led to multiple deaths. But as the task force gets closer to catching the deadly Doctor, Maddie is in more danger than ever…


Book Review

Laura Griffin is well-known for writing romantic suspense novels, and I’ve had her works on my to-read list for quite a while. I was excited to be given the opportunity to review her upcoming release Exposed. At first, I was worried that I would be lost since I hadn’t read any of the previous books. However, I felt this book can stand alone, and I was able to follow the main plot easily. I think I just missed out on the back-story of some of the characters who played minor roles in this novel but were featured in previous books within this series.

The intense action in the first chapter of Exposed grabbed my attention, and from that point, all I could do was hang on for a romantic, exciting, and suspenseful read!
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Maddie Callahan is the protagonist in the story, and I found her to be a flawed but likeable character. She is a talented photographer who works for the Delphi Center crime-scene unit by day and freelances in her spare time.  After the death of her two-year-old daughter, Maddie became determined to use her skills to help solve murders and to bring justice to victims of crimes. By choice, Maddie has chosen to focus solely on her career with little time given to having a social life. Numbness is the key to her holding everything together.

When she is attacked walking to her car after a photo shoot in a park, she is introduced to the very sexy FBI agent, Brian Beckman. Brian and his partner are in the vicinity working on a kidnapping case and think Maddie’s attack may be related. Maddie’s pictures may have inadvertently captured the identity of the kidnappers or can at least provide clues to find the suspects.

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The FBI is determined to find Jolene, the kidnapped woman, who is a major witness in an operation to take down a lethal drug dealer, Gordon Mladovic. Brian suspects Mladovic is behind the kidnapping, but needs to find evidence to support his belief. The guilt Brian feels about the kidnapping occurring while Jolene was under his protection pushes his urgency to find Jolene still alive. The fact that Maddie’s photographs have made her a target for elimination and that she has access to the best technology offered by the Delphi Center provide the impetus to bring Maddie and Brian together.

Griffin does a great job of smoothly alternating points of view between Brian and Maddie to reveal the motivations behind their actions. At times, she also switches to Jolene’s point-of-view to reveal the direness of her situation, and this increases the suspense of the story, as readers wait to discover if she can be rescued in time. Griffin also includes the antagonist’s point of view to provide insight into what drives his evil intentions. Mladovic’s greed and desire for power are realistic motivations for the story’s conflict.

Beckman has an immediate attraction to Maggie, who is a bit older than he, and he is confounded when she acts oblivious to his good looks and charm. Secretly, however, Maddie is attracted to Brian’s confident nature, motivated attitude as well as his intellect and perceptiveness. His handsome looks only magnify the attraction. Nevertheless, because of his young age and her fear of relationships, Maddie is determined to stay far away from the temptation of Brian Beckman.

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Brian’s persistence in his pursuit of a romantic relationship with Maddie contrasted with her resistance to allow him to get close kept me engaged throughout the story. I couldn’t help but cheer Brian on and hope that he can get through to Maddie so she will deal with and move beyond her fears.


As the plot develops, life-threatening dramatic events lead to a nail-biting climax and a practical resolution.


To sum up, Griffin has written a cohesive and unified story that effectively blends action-filled suspense and a tender romance. I am now a Laura Griffin fan and can’t wait to dive into the other books in this series.

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I received an ARC copy of this book from the publisher, Pocket Books, via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.


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About the Author


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Laura Griffin started her career in journalism before venturing into the world of writing romantic suspense. Her books have won numerous awards, including a RITA Award (Whisper of Warning) and a Daphne du Maurier Award (Untraceable). Laura currently lives in Austin where she is working on her next book.

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