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A Gift for Emily Review Tour Banner  Title: A Gift for Emily

 Author: J.P. Galuska

 Series: The Emily Stokes Series #2

 Genre: Paranormal Romance, Suspense

 Publisher: Self-pub.

 Format: Ebook, Paperback

                                                                                                     Length: 67,000 words

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A Gift for Emily (The Emily Stokes Series) (Ebook)

Book Description (From Goodreads)

A Gift for Emily picks up right where A Kiss for Emily leaves off. Emily’s life appears to be back on track and she’s still in love with Sam. Then the anonymous gifts start showing up on her doorstep from a suitor who has made his presence known, but his identity a secret. After he reveals a twisted plan, her entire family finds themselves in danger. The stalker could be anyone. Emily doesn’t know who to trust. Not even her heart. 

Book Review

If you liked the first book in the series, A Kiss for Emily, you will love this second one.  Emily’s life becomes more complicated with multiple conflicts and mysteries that keep readers in suspense throughout the story.

Emily and Sam are still committed to each other in the beginning of the story. Emily’s family has accepted Sam as a part of their lives even though they believe it is in Sam’s best interest to keep quiet about his presence. Now that Emily’s parents approve of Sam, both spend a great deal of time together. Unlike with other couples, however, Sam’s situation limits their physical contact. The most frustrating part for Emily is that she and Sam must not kiss:

“You know we can’t kiss on the lips, Miss Emily. It’s far too risky. If our souls were to bind, I’d never forgive myself for taking you to Hell with me. “

Sam appears to be a good person, but, for some reason, the Grim Reaper is after him to take his soul to Hell. Sam doesn’t want to do anything to put Emily in jeopardy. Yet, they both question how far they can take the relationship if they can’t be intimate.  There is “ghost seduction,” but for Emily, it isn’t as satisfying as the closeness that can exist between two physical beings.

Grim Reaper

Sam constantly travels from place to place to avoid be caught by the Reaper. One option to save Sam from being hunted is for him to find a living body to inhabit. This is a desperate option that neither Sam nor Emily really wants to consider because of the moral dilemma it presents, but they won’t rule it out completely as a solution.

As Emily searches for answers about Sam’s predicament, her plans get sidetracked when she starts receiving gifts by her front door. At first, it seems she has a secret admirer until the gifts become disturbing and threatening. The secret admirer has become a dangerous stalker.


To help solve the mystery, the police become involved, and, in particular, one Deputy Sherriff David Kinsworthy, who is the first to investigate the case. It soon becomes obvious there is chemistry between David and Emily, but both know nothing can come of it. Emily professes to love Sam, and because she is only seventeen, David will not risk his career to become involved with her. As the mystery intensifies, though, circumstances continue to bring them together. Can they continue to deny this attraction?  Although Sam tries to remain calm, it isn’t easy for him to watch the two together and think that David has more to offer Emily. Although both promise to protect Emily, she does have her doubts about how much Sam can really do to help her.

Initially, readers may think they can immediately identity the stalker, but as the plot unravels, other characters’ actions and motives are called into question. Gradually, Emily begins to wonder about those she would normally trust.  The strength and maturity of her character emerge in the sequel as readers watch how she struggles to protect her family and to save Sam from his fate.

The story’s suspense builds up to a shocking, climatic cliffhanger that leaves the reader wondering about the unresolved outcome that may change lives forever.  By the end of the book, I literally had my mouth hanging open and found myself saying , “No, no, no! I need more!”


I am ready for the next book and hoping it will not be too long of a wait.

I received an ARC of this book on behalf of the author in exchange for an honest review.


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